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Our plants arrived on the day we requested in perfect condition.

Davis W., Boulder, CO

We were amazed at how popular these tropicals were with our customers. They just loved them!

Anne P., Providence, RI

We had always ordered our plants from the same growers, but decided to try TropicalPlants.com out this year. So glad we did!

Nelly W., Englewood, NJ

They have such beautiful selections. If our store was bigger, we would order even more.

Karen B., Little Rock, AR

Love them, Love them, Love them!

Maria T., Arlington, VA

They were able to get us all the plants we needed inside of three weeks from placing our order. They came in perfect condition. Would recommend.

Jimmy E., Charlotte, NC

Ordered three types of calathea we had not ever sold before and they were gorgeous.

Janet S., Macon, GA

Thank you for your help with our last order. Your staff is super helpful and knowledgeable.

Chris J., Mississagua, Can

Please let us know when you get the money trees in stock, they sold out in two days!

Peter L., Grand Rapids, MI

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