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Looking for an absolutely stunning plant to give to that loved one who adores plants, but can’t seem to keep them alive? (BTW, no judgement if that person is you. This is a safe space.) Or how about the perfect plant for your fluorescent-lights-only office space? Even … the bathroom? Learn this genus and say it with us: Aglaonema. Hailing from the jungles of Asia, where they brighten the jungle floor with bursts of color, these nigh-indestructible tropicals fit perfectly in many locations that most plants wouldn’t dream of thriving in. Aglaonema. Tough to pronounce, but easy to love.  

The Aglaonema Family - beautiful tropical plants for indoors and outdoors

With roughly two-dozen species (with new varieties coming all the time), Aglaonema isn’t a huge genus—but it is hugely important to houseplant enthusiasts. Aglaonemas tend to adopt a mounded shape, rarely more than 2-3’ high and wide, with multiple soft stems crowned in large, often showy leaves. And we do mean SHOWY. Aglaonema leaves are big, stretching 8-12” long and up to 4” wide, and many species flash outlandish variegations in silver, white … even hot pink. Even among a full garden of beautiful tropicals, Aglaonemas stand out. 

It's like having your own tropical plant nursery…

Despite their exotic appearance, Aglaonemas are among the most easy-to-care-for houseplants imaginable. They have average water needs, require minimal fertilizer, and have few pest problems. They dislike direct sunlight and are comfortable with indirect light ranging from bright to medium—in fact, non-variegated species can even take low light—even if that indirect light is not the sun, but fluorescent bulbs. Aglaonemas aren’t just easy to keep alive, they’re ideal for those parts of the home or office where other plants just can’t make it. 


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