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With leaves so large they look like they could double as a knight’s shield, Alocasias seem to take the whole “go big or go home” thing to eye-popping extremes—but they sure look good doing it. Native to tropical Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo) as well as parts of India and Australia, this mid-sized genus includes roughly 80 species and more than 40 specific cultivars. While some become true behemoths, stretching up to 10’ high and sporting leaves up to 36” long, most are (slightly) smaller, especially when kept in pots. But they still make an immediate impression.

The Alocasia Family - beautiful tropical plants for indoors and outdoors

Alocasias are incredible specimen plants, capable of instantly transforming even the most mundane space into something more exotic and vibrant. While there are many varieties available in the plant trade, they all have truly massive leaves, usually heart- or arrowhead-shaped, that command attention. You just can’t walk by without noticing them. Plus, as stunning as they are on their own, Alocasias also contrast beautifully with other plants, especially those with warm-toned flowers or soft-textured foliage.      

It's like having your own tropical plant nursery…

Alocasias aren’t quite as adaptable as many other tropical plants, but that doesn’t mean you have to fear them. Just keep in mind that their natural environment is essentially the floor of a tropical rainforest, so you’ll want to replicate that as well as you can. How? We’d suggest bright indirect light (avoid direct sun), high-as-possible humidity, temps between 65°F and 85°F, and rich soil that is always moist, but never soggy. Stay within those parameters, and your Alocasia is likely to stick around, filling your life with placemat-sized foliage and a hint of the jungle, for decades.    


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