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Yucca Cane Plant

If tropical plants ever had a survival of the fittest competition, Yucca would be a lock to win the “anything that’s not a cactus” category. These unstoppable plants originated in the deserts of Mexico, where they respond to the harsh, arid conditions by growing into 30-foot-tall towers of living greenery. Like their close relatives Agave, the 40 or so species of Yucca are ideal plants for those who want a striking look, but don’t want to have to wait on the plant hand and foot. Whether you place it inside your home or outside (zones 9-12), Yucca is a virtually indestructible trooper that will add color and visual interest all year long. 

The Yucca genus - beautiful tropical and desert plants for indoors and outdoors

Typically grown as a shrub, multi-stemmed houseplant, or small tree, Yucca is the kind of plant that would look right at home on Game of Thrones. Its leaves form dense clusters of stiff, sword-shaped leaves several times longer than they are wide, giving the plant a spiky, almost tough look. These leaves typically range in color from dusky gray-green through bright emerald, but new variegated and off-colored varieties are introduced seemingly every year.

While the shape and arrangement of Yucca’s leaves is nearly universal, the overall size and shape of the plant can vary greatly. Some Yuccas are mound-shaped low-growers, seemingly composed of nothing but leaves and the occasional giant spike of flowers. Other Yuccas are single- or multi-stemmed shrubs or even small trees. All have a rugged beauty that is uniquely theirs.     

It's like having your own desert plant nursery…

Yucca are almost comically easy to keep. As desert plants, their greatest danger is getting too much love—they can actually die if given the same water and fertilizer as a typical tropical plant.

As such, the best way to care for a Yucca is to borderline neglect it. Give infrequent water in spring and summer, almost none in winter. Place it in the sunniest spot you can find, including direct sun. Barely fertilize it at all. As long as it has good drainage, your Yucca will reward you by thriving. You just can’t keep it down. It’s almost inspiring. 



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