Beautiful Agave tropical plant

Agave Tropical Plants for Indoor and Outdoor

Agave Ovatifolia Vanzie - Bromeliads are in the family of monocot flowering plants of 75 genera and around 3590 known species native mainly to the tropical Americas, with a few species found in the American subtropics and one in tropical west Africa, Pitcairn Feliciana. Bromeliads are beautiful foliage plants. In general, bromeliads need a fairly specific set of conditions to bloom—and these conditions vary from genus to genus. Their bloom cycle is affected by day length, temperature, humidity, water, and feeding. The bromeliad family is large and varied. Its two best-known members, pineapples and Spanish moss, give an idea of the diversity of this group of plants. Most bromeliads are easy to grow either indoors or in the greenhouse. They have attractive forms and leaf colors, and many with flowers that can last for months.

 Flowering: (provide month range) none

Fruiting: (provide month range) none

Mature Height: __inches

Mature Width: __inches

Spacing: __inches

Zones: (provide x-7)

Grown in: Indoors or Outdoors Indoors Outdoors

Sun: Adaptable Full Sun Partial Sun Partial Shade Full Shade

Water: Adaptable Keep Moist Tolerates Moist Moderate Water Dry

Drought Tolerance: Fair Moderate Good Excellent

Temperature: (provide temp range)

Humidity: Humid Medium Dry

Wind: Not wind tolerant Wind tolerant

Soil: Sandy Rocky Earthen

PH: Acidic Neutral Alkaline

Fertilizer: (provide the type i.e. 8-4-8)